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·Congratulations to our camera equipment successfully signed peaceful county jinhua elementary school 10.21
·Congratulations to our company won the bid for nanjing county bureau of radio and television career SLR set of machine... 09.23
·Congratulations to our drug bidding zhangzhou city people's procuratorate digital photo... 09.15
·Congratulations to our company's hand in hand for the first time overseas Chinese economic development zone tube... 09.01
·Congratulations to our company and zhangzhou foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office of the people's government... 08.04
·Congratulations to our successful bid zhangzhou construction engineering quality inspection surveillance... 07.31
·Congratulations to our successful signing dongshan county earthquake office computer、Phase... 07.28
·Congratulations to our peaceful county south - center kindergarten digital signing on... 07.25
EDIUS NX(BeltHDExtension)EDIUS NX(BeltHDExtension)

Its unique broad space upgrade can lead you more smoothly transition to hd world——By increasingHDExtension option can achieve perfectHDThe input/The output,And hd video can be output to a high quality monitor in preview。

HDSmall whirlwindHDSmall whirlwind

HDSmall whirlwind combination of professional non-linear editing software,Powerful functions can be performedHD、DVCAM、DV、MPEGMixed real-time format。Is the best solution for video enthusiasts digital film and television creation。

EDIUS SP(BeltHDExpand the option)EDIUS SP(BeltHDExpand the option)

Hardware and make people proud of editing acceleration of high-quality video input and output circuit,At the same time, have a professional view/The audio interface。Have unlimited can upgrade space,In fact, when the performanceCPUImprove and enhance。

EDIUS NX(Special edition)EDIUS NX(Special edition)

By editing a wider bandwidthPCI-XThe bus is designed,And have a stronger hardware editor acceleration and high quality video input and output circuit,The number of the standard、Simulation, interface can be easily connected to various non-standard cleaning equipment。